The garden used to be a place for kids to play or grown-ups to spend the odd afternoon weeding. Today, it's an important part of everyday life, particularly in the warmer summer months. We use our gardens for relaxing, dining, cooking and entertaining - and that's reflected in the way we design them.

If your garden has become an 'outdoor room', why not keep it as clean as the rest of your home? The Jeyes range has everything to keep your garden clean, fresh and free from germs all year round.

The classic Jeyes Fluid has been a favourite of gardeners for generations. Use it to clean everything from tools and greenhouses to drains and patios. For the same cleaning power in a handy on-the-spot spray, go for Jeyes Fluid Ready-to-Use.

The Jeyes Fluid range also includes great ways to clean and freshen outdoor bins, unblock drains and clean paths, patios and decking. See full range.



Jeyes Fluid Fighting Dirty Since 1877

The classic original fluid, plus great ways to clean decking, paths and patios, drains, bins and barbecues.

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