Bloo Micro Toilet Gel with Scrubbing Particles

Jeyes has launched a new toilet gel innovation to keep the loo sparkling and fresh for longer, perfect for the Spring cleaning season and all year round.

Unique scrubbing particles in the formula work to remove stains and kill 99.9% of germs; while the gel clings to the bowl after flushing to leave the loo sparkling and fresh..

Available in four variants; Micro Crystal Aqua, Micro Shine White, Micro Crystal Citrus and Micro Sparkle Aqua. 

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Jeyes Wipes Taking It Outside

Jeyes launches a fantastic new pack of Heavy Duty Outdoor Cleaning Wipes which are large, strong, non-bleaching and ideal for disinfecting a wide variety of outdoor surfaces.

Fight Dirty to kill 99.9% of germs for up to 24 hours. Safe to use on glass, plastic, metal and wood. Removes bird mess.

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Bloo Football Blast Scores

Bloo scores again, with the launch of a new Bloo Limited Edition Football Blast.

The unique football-shaped rims dispense thick, fresh foam into every flush and feature a hygienic cage-less toilet block giving you that just-cleaned look every day.

The Odour Neutraliser properties of the limited edition Bloo provide a fresh long-lasting fragrance. The toilet will not only stay sparkly clean, lasting up to 4 weeks, but will also help prevent limescale.

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Jeyes Stay Spray Indoor Cleaners

With over 130 years of expertise in outdoor cleaning, we've developed a specialist range of intelligent indoor products to make cleaning your home easier and smarter - that's Clean Clever.

Our unique stay-where-you-spray gel formula, combined with a smart any angle trigger, means you can get to those hard to reach places when the kitchen, bathroom or tile & glass.

The gel also has a unique formula that makes next time cleaning easier and maintains a longer lasting streak free shine.

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Jeyes Bloo Ocean Mist rolls ashore

Jeyes has announced the launch of a new Bloo cage-free rim taking inspiration from our very own Bloo logo.

The Bloo cage-free range will be expanded with the development of additional fragrances over the next year. 

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